Private Consultations: An In-Depth Look Into Your Fertility

Many times, the cause of infertility is elusive and difficult to recognize, which adds confusion to the already overwhelming stress of not getting pregnant or going through miscarriages. Other times, you know the likely culprit, but the solution that was supposed to make it better, fails to do that. Whichever the case, the faster you discover what is holding you back, the faster you can achieve a successful pregnancy, end this emotional roller-coaster and fulfill your destiny of becoming a mother.

If you've been struggling with either becoming pregnant or keeping a pregnancy and need to know more about why this is happening to you, what your next steps should be and find personalized solutions that actually work to restore your fertility, you can request a Private Consultation with me. 

Private Consultation

20.00 USD Per Session
  • In-Depth Fertility History Questionnaire
  • Your Analysis & Recommendations
  • Answered within 48 h
  • Free Follow-up included
  • Safe payment by Paypal
  • Fully refundable within 7 days

Individual Fertility Coaching

Fertility coaching is ideal when dealing more complex, long-term fertility issues that will require dedicated analysis of your fertility history and profile, smart and flexible strategies, as well as ongoing support and follow-ups over a longer period of time (a month, or more). Examples include unexplained infertility, recurrent miscarriage, undergoing IVF, as well as chronic conditions like PCOS or autoimmune conditions.

I offer 10 spots for Fertility Coaching each month. If all spots are taken, you have the option to be notified by email when an available spot opens up.

Knowing that many women who are dealing with fertility problems are also sometimes financially stretched, I try to keep my counseling fees accessible and affordable for everyone. I conduct coaching sessions over email, so I can keep my rates low and help more women, regardless of their financial situations.

Are you interested in fertility coaching but have more questions before committing? You can always contact me here and have a chat with me before deciding.

Fertility Coaching

120.00 USD Per Month
  • Start-Up Questionnaire(s) to fully understand your Fertility Profile
  • Your personalized Fertility Strategy to help you Get Pregnant & Stay Pregnant
  • 5 Coaching Sessions by email
  • Free Follow-ups for each Session
  • Instant Messaging for emergencies
  • Safe payment by Paypal
  • Full refund within 15 days if you are unhappy with the coaching process

Benefits of Fertility Coaching

Discover and understand your fertility and your options
Find a fertility strategy that will help you get pregnant and stay pregnant and all the support you need to put this strategy to action
Discover and overcome conception challenges, like LDP, PCOS, endometriosis, male factor infertility and others
Learn how to best prepare for a healthy and successful pregnancy
Receive guidance and support through fertility testing and procedures, such as genetic testing, IUI, IVF, HSG, ERA, etc.
Receive guidance and support throughout pregnancy and its possible complications, including advice on nutrition, screening tests and ultrasounds, threatened miscarriage, premature labor, recurrent pregnancy loss, preeclampsia or PPROM.
Get clear explanations of medical terminology and medical reports, including blood test results and ultrasound results
Obtain clear and helpful answers to ALL your questions and concerns
Receive non-judgmental, compassionate and informed support in times of stress, hardship or grief
Learn how to center yourself through mindfulness, meditation, self-understanding and relationship counseling
Stay hopeful and positive - and rest assured that you are on the right path to motherhood


An initial in-depth interview and a thorough look into all your fertility particulars, including custom questions to better understand your personal fertility journey. To the extent that you are willing to share, I am interested to know EVERYTHING about your history and experience with (in)fertility. We should leave no stone unturned - since  many of the best and easiest solutions come from small details that are easily overlooked.


Based on everything I learn about you, I will develop a personalized and workable fertility strategy that will be tailored to your needs and preferences and that will focus on helping you achieve a successful pregnancy as quickly and easily as possible. Depending on which actions and solutions have the highest probability of solving the problem, I will give you the most efficient short- and long-term approaches to tackle and overcome your fertility challenges. Whenever necessary, we can modify and adapt the fertility strategy as needed to always point us in the right direction.


We’ll keep in touch all throughout the process, by email sessions and instant messaging on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram - and you will have my guidance and assistance all along the way, through thick and thin. I prefer email sessions vs Skype/video call sessions, since they are not only much more affordable, but also the information that we exchange will more accessible and easy to reference for both of us.

  • “Marie is very nice and gave me very good advice. I didn't know what to do anymore but now I have a fertility plan and feel energized and optimistic again.”

    Susan K., United States

  • “Super helpful, she really cares about people. I had infertility for 5 years and she helped me get diagnosed with PCOS and now I'm treating it and things are looking very promising I think I would've been in the dark even longer if not for her. Thank you!”

    Hilary B., United States

  • “I finally got my BFP this month!! I used your special trick and it totally worked and I got pregnant like instantly and that's after ttc for almost a year. You're awesome, thank you so much hunny.”

    Terisa M., United States